27 THU
Everybody knows the story of Les Truttes: founded in 1996 as a one-off joke, and 20 years later evolved into an established value: from small scale performances to the biggest European festivals. The creative mix of music and spectacle spiced with a needed pinch of humor and humility, makes them after all those years still special and unique. But Les Truttes has become so much more than a band: they are a phenomenon, an ideology, a movement that continuously gets to the hearts of the crowd.
In 2018, this feeling of togetherness shall and will be coined. Les Truttes are founding a political party and making themselves eligible. In this election year,  the choice will be obvious: you are voting for Les Truttes 'The People's Party'! What else?
LT is the true 'People's Party' with a clear message :
‘Party To The People’! 
Let LT rule! Let love rule! 
Vote for The People’s Party! Vote LT! Yes you can! 
Welcome at the biggest election show of the year: A 'party' as never before where LT will convince you of all there standpoints with an unforeseen energy and dedication. A musical spectacle that will leave nobody untouched, with the necessary promises, scandals and briberies, politicsl discussions and passionate speeches, flavoured with a firm portion of Rock 'n Roll!

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