“I am Rope. I am a rope. I am 60 meters long and 30 cm thick. I weigh 196 kg. It would take eleven people to carry me.
I was born in April, 2017. A team of five hand-braided me in thirty-eight days. I think it was somewhere in Leuven, Belgium. It is a confusing experience, being braided.
They made me absurdly big, bigger than all the other ropes. I just don’t know what to do with myself. I am traveling to find new meaning and function again.
Do something with me.
Rope is a rope of 60 meters in length and 30 cm in diameter. It has been made disproportionately large and has therefore lost its function. The inventor, the Belgian artist Ief Spincemaille, travels around with his 60 meter long Rope to give it a new function and meaning. He unexpectedly arrives with this monumental sculpture and improvises different situations. From the energy between Rope and the reality it finds, new uses and installations are created every time. Rope's message is clear: "Do something with me!". 
Rope blogs about his journey as a disproportionate rope, and about the places he discovered : www.ropeblog.net

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