The First Flemish Deep Geothermal Power Plant

If it’s only up to VITO, the raw materials we use for heating and electricity should last for eternity.  That’s why they’re making use of geothermal energy, as it’s sustainable and independent of weather conditions. They’re already drilled four kilometers down the Kempen, so hot water from below the earth’s crust will be used to provide heating and electricity to the VITO offices as of October 2018. What’s next? Thanks to a new drilling technique, they’re planning to drill down up to 3 kilometers further & they want to bring this sustainable energy source to every living room in Flanders and capture CO2 from the air at every geothermal plant. How will they make this happen? It’s for you to discover at SuperNova!

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29 SAT
30 SUN

The SuperNova festival is a one-of-a-kind immersive experience, occupying “Het Eilandje” in Antwerp. Feed your curiosity and discover the new ideas and technologies for tomorrow!  

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