Investor Pitching


SuperNova has the ambition of becoming the most relevant scale-up pitching event in Europe with its two-day deep pocket investor program featuring 50 most promising European tech scale-ups.

Unique for VCs by VCs approach

SuperNova presents the best of the best scale-ups from all across Europe, exclusively invited along with's co-curating VCs - JVP, Columbia Lake Partners, Fortino Capital, Prime Ventures, Runa Capital, Smartfin Capital, Force Over Mass Capital, HPE Growth Capital, Idinvest Partners and Volta Ventures. SuperNova also has the full support of Gimv and the Belgian Venture Capital Association (BVA) to warmly welcome our foreign guest investors. 

We aim to boost your deal flow with hidden gems in SaaS, Big Data, AI, Mobile, IoT or e-Commerce that have met the following criteria:

  • Have a minimum revenue of 3M EUR in 2017
  • Already raised at least 1M EUR but less than 40M EUR in funding
  • An average annual growth >20% in the last three years
  • Have a strong appetite for follow-up investments and looking for Series B/C funding 

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Efficient format & timing

On top of the pitching sessions, SuperNova offers a complete, exclusive investor zone with dozens of discrete meeting boxes and a matchmaking tool to easily schedule 1-on-1 meetings - with an open bar, amazing regional cuisine and easy accessibility. In addition, all investors will get a premium investor booklet that bundles all corporate information and contacts. You are more than welcome to listen to A-grade international conference speakers and discover cutting-edge solutions and technologies at the SuperNova Tech Fair

The SuperNova Investor Zone is powered by MeetDistrict.

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