Media & Entertainment Installations

Many demos on SuperNova show you technology - how it works and what we can use it for. With these installations, you will be immersed in behind-the-scenes technological experiences!


Location: Tech Fair

Cyborn gives the public an exclusive sneak preview at SuperNova. With this interactive virtual reality experience, we take a look at the science-fiction universe of Hubris: A project of our own where film, VR and game will blend into one another.

Cyborn has built up unique knowledge as the largest and most innovative 3D studio in Flanders. With 70 specialized artists and developers they work on mobile apps, games, VR / AR experiences and film productions. In each production the emphasis lies on visual quality and efficiency.


Location: Conference Hall

CREW is a Brussels art company that works on the border of art and science, of performing arts and new technology. As an experimental company, CREW pioneered with immersive performances in 2004 in which the audience was immersed in an alternative reality by means of videogoggles, headphones and sensors.  CREW aims to unlock the theatre experience towards the audiences of the future.

CREW has been part of different important European scientific and technological research programmes, it has worked with major research institutes like Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute, Intel, Max Planck, The Foundry Visionmongers LTD , M.I.T. e.g. in the FP7 EU programmes

For 20 years CREW has been pushing boundaries with immersive theatre that explores new aesthetic possibilities of immersive media and at the same time analyses and opens up our experience. A mix of live-performances/instalations and a display of stunning artefacts at SuperNova will cover some insight into the past challenges of virtual production and demonstrate how an artistic quest has led to ongoing new ways of creating sensory, emotional and intellectual experiences.

C.a.p.e. (Computer Assisted Personal Environment) (2010-2016)

At SuperNova, Crew showcases C.a.p.e., a lightweight format developed by CREW and EDM/UHasselt, to deliver a radical visceral experience. No longer sitting and reading in a comfy seat, you are ‘immersed’ in a pre-recorded 360° story, musical performance or documentary, etc, that develops whilst you are moving. We present C.a.p.e. Brussels, which premiered at the Shanghai World Exhibition in 2010 and C.a.p.e. Tohoku about the tsunami that struck the whole Tohoku region in Japan in 2011.

Collateral Rooms (2016)

The final demonstrator of the European project DREAMSPACE at the Frankfurter Buchmesse 2016. CREW used the floor plan of the Barcelona Pavilion of Mies van der Rohe and transformed that into a holographic set-up that opened up a whole new territory. The general assumption that we predominantly use vision to experience 3D is broken down when an architectural space with illusory indoor and outdoor views is activated  merely by the movement of the body.

Hands-on Hamlet (2017-2018)

Aa live-installation that mixes complex forms of live-interactivity and intuitive navigation. It immerse the audience into a gorgeously drawn universe of manipulated 3D scans of the castle of Gaasbeek. This creation is no game, no film but the start of a whole new visual medium.

Magritte VR

Location: Conference Hall

Magritte VR is a journey through the work of one of the world’s greatest and most popular artists in virtual reality. The audience is immersed in a series of landscapes, beach, forest, mountains and sky. The experience climaxes in celebration of his love, his muse and greatest inspiration of his life, fellow artist Georgette Berger. René Magritte ranks alongside Dalí and Miró as one of the most pre-eminent surrealist artists.In the Magritte VR, there are hi-resolution scans of over 40 of Magritte’s original artworks. Magritte VR is a shared Immersive VR experience triggered simultaneously for an audience of fifty at a time. The experience has appeared at many festivals including the International Festival on Art and the Beijing Film Festival and won awards including the Best Experimental at the Drum Creative Awards.

3D Colossus Printer

Location: 2050 Pavilion

Meet Colossus, the world’s first FGF transportable 3D printing system that prints at incredible speed, including materials developed from plastic waste. Colossus, a multinational consortium based in Genk, Belgium, has revealed plans to introduce the world’s first fully integrated transportable 3D printing system. The Colossus 3D printer is the first system designed with a special accent on materials for furniture, construction applications and large size 3D objects. It also prints with recycled materials, combining cutting-edge technology to give plastics a second life.

With a build volume of 4m³, the printer will support impressive print speeds of up to 10kg per hour. It comes fully equipped with a granulate fed extruder printhead and a dehumidification unit for better print quality. The heated print bed features a vacuum heated bed for easy print removal. Out of the many recycled and non-recycled material options that can be used with this printer, 10 material compound profiles have been pre-tested for optimal performance. It is the first printer of its scale to use recycled PET and PP profiles. The vision behind this printer was twofold: to make a fast, cost-effective, adaptable and configurable printer of this size and to use 3D technology to give plastic waste a useful second life.

Behind Colossus is a dynamic multinational startup team comprised of a group of engineers from Belgium, Switzerland, France and the Netherlands. The team shares many years of extrusion and 3D printing knowledge between them. It was founded by 3D printing evangelist and recycled filament innovator Philippe-Daniel Mérillet, mechanical engineer Yannick Aerts, extrusion expert Servan Bakker and Harold van der Straten Ponthoz.

Digital Arts and Entertainment

Location: Tech Fair

Do you sometimes wonder how games are made and what it takes to make a game like Fortnite or Fifa? The international award-winning school Digital Arts and Entertainment will demonstrate different aspects of the process of making games and VFX.


Location: 2050 Pavilion

For Supernova, Brussels collective FTRSND - behind Brussels Electronic Marathon – and the interactive design studio MagicStreet, invite you to a 360° sound and light experience. Voyages Sonores” takes you to an immersive journey. In this installation, you’ll discover ambisonic soundscapes recorded in twelve European capitals, the acousmatic compositions from Collective Séneçon and evolving electronic soundtracks from FTRSND diffused in a spatialized octophonic soundsystem. The visual installation by Magicstreet will complete the journey with light travelling and bouncing around the space. Dancing is allowed!

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