Your life is becoming more fun, healthier and more sustainable. And that is the work of numerous technologies. Haven’t noticed these yet? That's normal. These smart miracles prefer to work in the shadows of your daily life, but come see, touch and try them during an adventurous trail at the SuperNova Techpedition!

The Techpedition is developed by imec, a technology company that is absolute world class and home to the smartest scientists that develop miniscule chips and revolutionary applications. THE TECHPEDITION shows their impact on your life and that of 7.5 billion other people on our planet. From Health and Mobility to Infotainment and Education, the Techpedition tackles these themes that determine the quality of our daily life and our future.

With the Techpeditie, you will get to:

  • Admire our invisible solar cells
  • Keep your head cool in our digital stress test
  • Analyze the air quality in your city
  • Work together with a robot colleague
  • Cook with smart packaging
  • Measure your emotions with sensors on your head
  • And much more!

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29 SAT
30 SUN

The SuperNova festival is a one-of-a-kind immersive experience, occupying “Het Eilandje” in Antwerp. Feed your curiosity and discover the new ideas and technologies for tomorrow!  

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