Have you always wanted to be a scientist and learn to build your own rocket, make bacteria or control your own drone? SuperNova invites you to be a scientist in one of our workshops. Open to young kids and the curious, these workshops are free and everyone is welcome.


Age 7-17

CoderDojo organizes coding clubs nationwide where kids gather to work on their own digital projects. These clubs are set up by volunteers who help the youngsters discover the digital world. Kids are encouraged to use their imagination and explore technology. By doing so, the young generation is being equipped for an increasingly digital future. They learn the essential skills they need to transform themselves from digital consumers to digital entrepreneurs that are ready to take up an active role in the 4th industrial revolution. Come to our booth and learn how to develop games and program robots!

Location: E. Workshop Zone

Bring Your 3D Drawing to Life with Technopolis

Age: 3-8

Love to color & draw? Get ready to bring it to life in 3D!

Location: B. Workshop Zone

Take a Look at Your Own DNA with Technopolis

Age: 6-16

Are you curious about what you're made of? Discover your DNA during this fun workshop!

Location: E. Workshop Zone

Fire a Rocket with Technopolis

Age: 5-15

Get ready to become a space specialist and build your own rocket with just 1 A4 sheet! In this workshop, we invite you to test & fire off!

Location: B. Workshop Zone


Age: +14

Put on your apron and come together with Ekoli to foam, grow, smoke and boom! Here you carry out the experiments that you want - from discovering enzymes to the growth of fungi. You can also make your own piece of bacterial leather and take it home with you. Or how about a new pet? We have a lot of slime molds that you can multiply to your heart's content. Let them go through mazes or pass tests.

Location: E. Workshop Zone

The Electricity Circuit Challenge by RVO Society

Age: 5-12

RVO Society gives you the opportunity to experiment with electricity and discover the magic of the circuit. Get started with challenging assignments: going from a simple circuit with a battery and a light to more complicated circuits such as a table fan with two speeds. Leave lights on, run motors and buzzers buzz!

Location: B. Workshop Zone

Drones by RVO Society

Age: 12+

Drones are not just hip toys. We challenge you to discover how a drone can fly in the air and how it stays so stable in the air, thanks to free flying lessons with our lightweight SIMA drones just for you!

Location: B. Workshop Zone

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The SuperNova festival is a one-of-a-kind immersive experience, occupying “Het Eilandje” in Antwerp. Feed your curiosity and discover the new ideas and technologies for tomorrow!  

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