29 SAT
30 SUN

SuperNova invites you to discover and experience the life of tomorrow at Het Eilandje on September 29-30. The SuperNova Expedition features interactive installations - divided in various themes- that offer what 'the life of tomorrow' will bring. From how we work and move to how we eat, shop and stay healthy, SuperNova invites you to experience the future shaped by technology.

Your future home assistants

Need some help in the house? Program your own robot at SuperNova.

A day in your future life

Technology that will make your life easier, healthier, more sustainable and more fun. 

Fly in the drone zone!

The next few years might just become the most exciting years for aviation, as drone technology becomes more available for everything.

The food of the future

Seaweeds, algae and insects are exotic forms of protein that will be the future of the food industry.

Be a med student for a day

Time to practice surgery using the hologram of a human body.


Take your own 3D selfie

How amazing would it be to get a 3D printout version of yourself?

Wear the dress of the future

Always wondered how a real FashionTech dress would suit you? Check out your own hologram in style at SuperNova!

Shop from your sofa

With virtual reality, you can walk around the supermarket from the convenience of your home.

Meet Your Smart Bartender

This robot will shake your perfect cocktail in seconds

Meet Magritte and his muse

Experience a series of landscapes, beaches, forests, mountains with Magritte's most famous paintings.

Where is it?

The SuperNova area will cover the entire “Eilandje” area, the port of Antwerp, Belgium. Stretching from the Waagnatie over MAS and Felix Pakhuis to Retail Detail, the festival is hosted at several sites - both indoor and outdoor - and will even include some brand new constructions.

The main event hall is the Waagnatie at Rijnkaai 150 2000 Antwerp.

Come find out

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27 THU
28 FRI

For a few days only, today’s thought leaders, the most promising scale-ups, and outstanding companies from around the globe gather in Antwerp - to talk, pitch and showcase. As a professional, entrepreneur, creative, researcher, innovator or investor, SuperNova allows you to squeeze time and embrace tomorrow.

29 SAT
30 SUN

The SuperNova festival is a one-of-a-kind immersive experience, occupying “Het Eilandje” in Antwerp. Feed your curiosity and discover the new ideas and technologies for tomorrow!  

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