27 THU

This year, André Bouffioux is celebrating his tenth anniversary as CEO of Siemens Belgium-

Luxembourg and North, West and Central Africa.

He first started working for the company as a student more than thirty years ago. After completing a trainee program, he quickly moved to Karlsruhe to take up the position of project manager in electrical power plants. Returning to Belgium in 1989, he became head of the process control department which lead him Nürnberg, Germany in 1998 where he took up the worldwide responsibility for process control systems. After managerial positions in France, Luxembourg and heading a corporate strategic program for Siemens worldwide, André was appointed in 2008, CEO of Siemens Belgium-Luxembourg and in 2013 also of French-speaking Africa.

André Bouffioux is a civil engineer (University of Ghent) with a Business Administration degree at EPM (Entreprise pour le Perfectionnement en Management, Liège).

“Digitalization has changed our company and our current way of working drastically. We consider it our responsibility to take full advantage of the possibilities offered by digital transformation and use them for the benefit of our company and also for the benefit of society. Industry 4.0 is the first industrial revolution which happens worldwide and will help to bridge the gap between the western world and emerging continents like Africa. Our innovative technologies will contribute to protecting the environment and build bridges between people.”

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