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Founder of Gapminder and Bill Gates' personal hero, Anna breaks prejudices with big data visualization.

She designed the user-interface of the famous animating bubble-chart tool called Trendalyzer, used by millions of students across the world, to understand multidimensional time series. The tool was acquired by Google, where Anna worked as a Senior Usability Designer designing interactive search results for statistical queries and the developing Motion Chart in Google Spreadsheets. Anna went back to Gapminder in 2011 to develop new free teaching material.

As Product Manager, Art Director & Usability Lead of the Gapminder Foundation, she is running the Dollar Street project, which makes everyone’s living condition understandable to everyone, by using photos as big data.

Her Daring Views for the Future

"I am not an optimist or a pessimist, rather I am a possibilist, looking at the data to see what is possible."

By improving our medicine skills, curing more diseases, generating more effective yields and crops to feed more people, technology enables the development of smarter solutions on some of the global challenges we face. Technology also enables greater collaboration across borders to create a more peaceful and smart world. 

More than the use of technology, I believe in the importance of changing the way we teach social sciences to our kids in school, so that they learn that most things improve over time and that we can make the world a better place through collaboration.





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