Leon Jacobs is the creative director of Boondoggle, a hybrid creative agency in Belgium. He's helped create award-winning global campaigns for clients based in Africa, Asia and Europe and experienced first hand the power of human-centred creativity and technology.


Leon will introduce Boondoggle's Citizen Empowerment Map, a simple and shareable tool each attendee can take away to help them shine a torch into their own future. So come and checkt it out on Friday at 13:45! 

Leon's daring views on the future

The future is bright.

If we understand that humans don't evolve as fast as technology does. If we develop a deeper awareness of our humanity first and technology second.

Our devices, our interconnectedness, these are all just tools for developing our society, being a friend, a parent and a lover.

If we can answer the big questions that technology brings, about where we go, and we can answer them by remembering where we come from, we have a bright future, with amazing tools to build better futures for centuries to come.

One technology today that is shaping lives of tomorrow

The potential VR has to put us in the shoes of another person can have profound effects on how see each other, resolve conflicts and build a more empathetic, peaceful world.

Imagine what it would be like for a politician to have a visceral experience of what it is to be a soldier on the frontline of a conflict that she maintains. Or for a teenager to understand what is like to be a parent. And of course, a parent, to understand what it is to be a teenager today.




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