Lorenz Bogaert (°1976) is a Belgian tech entrepreneur and investor. He is the co-founder of several consumer internet companies with millions of users such as social networking site Netlog, social discovery app Twoo, housing data platform Realo and more recently cryptocurrency portfolio tracker app Delta. As angel investor, Lorenz is mainly involved in business automation (Xpenditure, Salesflare, Trint, Growbots, HowAboutSales, Sparkcentral, Faqbot). Lorenz was previously Young Entrepreneur of the Year, won the Webby Award for best UI with Delta in 2018 and is member of the Young Entrepreneur Organization (YPO). He lives in Ghent and London.

Lorenz will share his entrepreneurial story and his thoughts on how blockchain, platform-only business models and job automation will eventually change society for the better.

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